Gorm is a freelance photographer, based in the south of the United Kingdom. He used to skateboard, and always adsorbed the photography of skateboarding by such greats as Daniel Howard Sturt, Grant Britain, Vernon Adams and TLB.  Inspired by his friends work: Richie Hopson, Nathan Gallagher, Paul Bliss, Paul Gonella and Daniel Turner amongst others. His day job is the creative director at www.bulletctreative.com.
2000 – Current: Creative Director at Bullet Creative
Creative Director at award winning agency.  We have worked within the arts sector for over 18 years.
2006 – 2009: Panoblog
Website featuring only panoramic shots from
mobile phones.
2007 – 2011: Editor and Chief Photographer
Online photographic / art / skateboarding zine.
2008: Tweaker Freaker Exhibition –
Curator and Contributing Photographer
Photographic exhibition in Slam City Skates store
in Covent Garden.
2008: Shunt Arts Space Exhibition
Work included in exhibition at this unique space in the arches under London Bridge, featuring work shot in the space.
2008: Winner of Element Skateboards
Audio Visual Awards – Best skate photo
Worldwide skateboard photographic competition
2009 – 2013: Eden Project Artist in Residence [Bullet Creative] as part of Cape Farewell’s slow art program at Eden Project
I have shot extensively at Eden Project and the surrounding area during my involvement of Bullet Creative’s part of the Cape Farewell | Eden Project Slow Art Programme
2010: Analogue Soul Steal –
Self published book featuring 35mm and panoramic photography.
2011: Work featured in Out Of Stock exhibition
Photographic exhibition for Stockwell Skatepark.
2011: Director of This Was Found
Distributed photographic gallery. A new project to distribute photographic work in public places.
2012: Contributing Artist Your Move
Online photo blog celebrating movement.
2012: Documenting Photographer Side By Side
Reportage photography for Siobhan Davies’ Side By Side project, documenting a dance and craft artist working together
2012:The Arctic Gnome (installation)
As culmination of Eden Project residency for Cape Farewell, an installation of 1000 slip cast gnomes was created, and given away to the public to illustrate retreating sea ice up in the arctic.
2013: Group Show (collaboration with Helen Carnac) this is where they met
Collaborative piece entitled In Circulation documenting process.
2013: Invited to join Cape Farewell’s Northern Isles sailing expedition, looking at relationship between people, place and resources in coastal and island environments in the context of ecological and environmental change.
2013/2014: Group Show Sea Change at The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh work from my trip to the Shetland Isles.
2014  Group Show this is where they met – Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel
Collaborative piece entitled In Circulation documenting process.
2014 April – August Documentary photographer for Siobhan Davies’ Human Nature season.
2014 Photography featured on promotional postcards and posts for the Long Live Southbank Campaign
2014 7th August – 21st September Group Show Scissors and Glue House of Vans opening exhibition
Part of a group show looking at DIY culture, a selections of photographs are being shown that were mostly originally  shot for www.tweakerzine.com
2015 8th – 24th April Group Show What Has To Be Done / The Story of a Little Boat Chelsea College Of Arts
Flagged I + II a design piece on display as part of on exhibition that looks at Climate Change
2015 17th April – September Design work featured in Changing Britain at South Bank Centre
Info graphic designed showing migration statistics.
2015 12th – 13th October Group show Displacement as part of The Nansen Initaives Global Consultation on Climate Change Disaster Displacement.
2017 December Group show Energetic at Pickford’s House Museum, Derby, photographic work and design for The Open University’s Stories Of Change project.
2018 May Tune-d in Solo exhibition at The Place dance theatre, London.
2018 June Group show Culture and Climate Change exhibition at The Royal Geographic Society, London,  photographic work and design for The Open University’s Stories Of Change project.
Publications and Print:
Of London 2014, The Courtauld Institute of Art News, and their Prospectus, Siobhan Davies Brochures, Cape Farewell Adrift, Time Out, Long Live Southbank, Sidewalk Surfer, Lowdown Magazine, Trisicle Magazine, The Open University’s Energetic book.
Lambeth Council, The Open University, Sheffield University, Nike, Vans, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Siobhan Davies Dance, Cape Farewell, Impact Dance, The Royal Geographic Society.
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