Richard Wilson – A Slice of Reality

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I have always seen this sculpture from either on the river, or the opposite bank. Always wondered what is was, figured it was some form of art or entertainment as it was so close to the Millennium Dome (Now the O2 arena).  The work is a slice of a ship, and was created by Richard Wilson in 2000.  It was open for London Open House festival, and it was a rare treat to be onboard. the spaces, now les used have in the past been an artist’s studios, and have been use for parties form time to time.  It was fascinating to explore the space, and kept finding hidden surprises, such as the BBQ the over hangs the water up high, and the pool table down below.  The artist was on board and gave a fascinating history of how the project came to be, and what the future may hold. More info about A Slice of Reality can be found here