The Depot


So today, I got to shoot side somewhere I have been wanting to shoot over the last year.  Today was Big Lunch day on the street where me an my family live. I helped with taking down the marquees, tables and chairs and jumped in the car to take it all back to Croydon Council’s depot that they have just off the Purley Way. This is the scene time I have been to this depot, I want last year, not realising what an intriguing place it was, and only got  a few shots with my iPhone. This year I was much more prepared and had my camera bag all prepped, and hence got some photos.  This is fairly timely as the depot has been sold of and is due to be emptied and nocked down very soon. It felt right that the contest should be documented.  Previously the place had been ran as double glazing factory by the local council in conjunction with The Crosfield group. Thanks to Rod for granting me access.