Atlantic College Rib

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Headed down to Hermitage Moorings near Tower Bridge to shoot some pics of some RIBs (Ridged Inflatable Boat).  The smaller one featured was designed and built at Atlantic College in the late 60s / early 70s and is believed to be an early example of this type of boat which the college developed originally, before passing the patent to the RNLI. The boat, now named Naomi was found a few years back in a storage unit at a sailing club, and has been refurbished by students at the college.  She will be on display at UAL: Chelsea in April.  The other RIB is a modern day descendent of Naomi operated by the RNLI out of Tower Station (confusingly by Somerset House). Find out more about Atlantic’s RIB building heritage here, the talk UAL’s Robin Jenkins gave last night about Naomi RIB here, and the work of the RNLI here.