Action · art · Skateboarding

So I thought I would sling up some of my photos from my archive. This first lot is from a skate session that Ninja Kev invited me to at Shunt in August 2008, (always stoked on that invite bud).

Shunt was an arts space / members club that was situated in the arches under the train tracks and platforms of London Bridge station.  It was a surreal and estoic place, filled with art an performance.  It has in recent years been forced to move to new premises due to the building of the Shard.  Maybe one day it will return?  These Pics are from an art installation that was skatable, I never actually found out who was repsonsible for it, let me know if you know. Real stoked on how this set came out, I won Element’s Skate Photo of the year with a pic of the mighty mighty Stu Smith.   Some of the photos were originally ran in an article in Tweaker Zine