Proceed Backwards Short Film

Experimental · Moving Image

The movement, of humans can look diffrent when the angle of perception is changed or altered from that of the norm, watch someone from a bridge above and all you see is their arms swinging and their legs poking out. From behind you may notice a wriggle or a certain gaite. When viewed from the front someone may sway when they walk or be exuberant with their arms, but from the side they may look normal or more abnormal.

I wanted to experiment and see what if you changed the perception of time. The simplest starting point was to reverse time, thus placing the viewer in some kind of time capsule. In this reverse field of reality, the viewer will notice every day aspects of persons walk or movement, (and this applies to vehicles as well to a certain extent) become ensconced against the backdrop of reality thus illuminating what once was imperceptible to the eye.

This video situation is the first in a trilogy of pieces.